Torsion Testing Machine Model SE TTV100


Digital Torsion Testing Machine is designed to perform Torsion Test on Insulator of varying heights and for similar application on other products. Multiple drive options are available to suit customer requirement.

The applied torque is displayed digitally with facility to display peak torque at end of the test.

T-slots are provided on the mounting table to fix insulators of varying base dimension. The vertical spacing between the base plate and the coupler is adjustable through motorized operation.

Front door is provided for the safety of operator during the test. Additionally emergency switch is provided to disable the drives.

Leading Specifications

Capacity: 1,000 Nm
Accuracy: Better than +/- 1% in the torque range 5% to F.S.
Torsion Speed: 0.5 RPM
Vertical Clearance: 200-750mm (motorized adjustment at 300mm/min)
Mounting plate: 300mm Dia. with T-slots at 900, for up to M12 bolts
Table Height: 600mm
Measurement: Digital (kg.m/Nm. Microprocessor based
Power Supply: 415V +/-1%, 3-phase,50 Hz
Connected Load 0.5KVA
Dimensions: 600x450x1800mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 400 Kg
PC Interface: RS232 (Optional)