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  Extensometer for UTM Machine

 Extensometer for UTM Machine

The specimen is placed in the machine between the grips and an extensometer if required can automatically record the change in gauge length during the test. If an extensometer is not fitted, the machine itself can record the displacement between its cross heads on which the specimen is held. However, this method not only records the change in length of the specimen but also all other extending / elastic components of the testing machine and its drive systems including any slipping of the specimen in the grips.

Once the machine is started it begins to apply an increasing load on specimen. Throughout the tests the control system and its associated software record the load and extension or compression of the specimen.



Mechanical Extensometer

 Mechanical Extensometer

We are one of the trusted names engaged in providing a quality range ofMechanical Extensometer to the esteemed customers. Our range of Mechanical Extensometers is designed and manufactured by a team of experts in order to measure the elongation of test specimen under load for its mechanical properties. We make sure to check these products on certain quality parameters before their dispatch to the clients' end.

Construction & Application:

  • These products consist two long knife edges at top, two dial indicators and lower knife edges to actuate the dials.
  • The bars are pressed against the specimen by means of clamp in such a way that the knife edges bite the specimen to avoid slipping.
  • The upper edges are adjustable in order to provide different gauge lengths for measurement.
  • As deformation takes place, the lower knife edge transfer the movement to the dial gauges and the deformation of specimen is shown on the dials, so that the change in length of specimen by 1/100 mm equals to one division of the graduation on dial.
  • Due to constant R&D, specifications and features are subject to change without notice

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