Rectangular Hot Plate

Rectangular Hot Plate

Rectangular Hot Plate is fabricated using mild steel or highly polished stainless. The body is made up of thick mild steel and duly finished with powder coating. The heat is controlled by three position rotary switch and is offered with an indicator lamp for mains. Temperature is controlled by energy regulator.


  • Body made of thick M.S. / S.S.
  • Top Plate over hangs by supporting of ceramic heeds
  • Ensures air insulation between plate and base unit
  • Selection cast iron / S.S.Plate
  • Maximum surface temperature 300 0
  • Temperature controlled by energy regulator.
  • Long last nichrome elements.
  • Various sizes available
  • To work on 230 Volts A.C. only.

Sizes Rating Watts
25 x 30 cm 1500
25 x 40 cm 2000
30 x 45 cm 2000
45 x 60 cm 3000